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Maria Isabel R. Story

Maria Isabel R.

Text4baby is a great program! I love all of the informational messages that I receive every week. It helps me stay on top of scheduling all of my baby’s appointments. Text4baby also provides advice on age appropriate activities that I should be doing with my baby. I am very thankful to have this service at NO COST! One of my favorite messages was the one telling me that it was time for my baby to have some tummy time. I was unsure of when to start tummy time and how long it should last, so getting this message was very helpful!


  • Guest (mommy2b)

    I love text4baby its my first bby so I don't know much about new borns n I receive a lot of important messages I dint know about....

  • Guest (Julie)

    I also needed reminders about tummy time! My baby did not like being on his tummy at all and so I felt bad making him do it, but it really is important. And now he is walking and talking etc. I almost forgot about the days I worried about tummy time!

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