Promotional Materials

Text4baby promotional materials are available on this page for downloading and printing.


Please note that the Text4baby logo is only shared with Outreach Partners. Partners can also obtain Adobe InDesign files to allow for customization and printing. Click here to learn more about partnership opportunities.


To order pre-printed materials, including tearpads, click here.


Text4baby 4"x2" Stickers for Patient/Client Charts
2014 Consumer/Text4baby Basics Brochure
2013 English Posters
2014 English Posters with Appointment Reminder info
2013 English Customizable Posters
2013 Spanish Posters
2014 Spanish Posters with Appointment Reminder info
2013 Spanish Customizable Posters
2013 Tearpads
Pregnancy Posters:
New Baby Posters:
Referral Card Files:

Referral cards are the size of a standard business card. Use the files below to print your own and cut them out for distribution. Or, send these files to a printer to have your own printed on thicker card stock. You can also order pre-printed referral cards for free here.

Additional Promotional Materials